Delivery Request

With delivery - receiving service, Speed Light ensures that customer's sending items are shipped in the fastest way to recipents. Basically, there will be two procedures as following:

  • Receiving
  • Delivery

Receiving Procedure

- Speed Light staff will come to the specific address to receive the goods, check the status of the goods and fill in the full information on the bill (sender, receiver, sending fee, , delivery method, shipment contents, sender's signature, weight, converted size, staff's acceptance and recipient's signature).
- In case that the items need to be packed safe and securely, Speed Light staff will advise customers to meet the shipping conditions.
- Time to receive goods before 11:30 and before 16:30 daily (for sensitive time shipments, please contact our hotline (84 8) 3840 9138 for specific advice).
- For each order, there will be ta racking code for customers to track the process of goods transportation.

Delivering Procedure

- After successful delivering in the first time, the recipient needs to sign and write his full name on the Speed Light 's bill.
- In case of failure to contact the recepient or when the recepient refuses to receive the goods, there will be additional transactions arising:

  • Deliver items again to customers, Speed Light will delivery free for the second time (address changes, cannot contact customers, reschedule,...)
  • Hand over the goods for sender (Recepient refuses to receive goods, replayed but failed,...)

Transport Service

Is large-scale items shipping service with a longer transit time than express delivery (2 to 7 business days), but with saving cost.This service is suitable for customers who wish to send large quantities of goods with not urgent time requirement to other central provinces / cities.


Carrying on Cash on delivery when shipping products. Accompany with one-time delivery service again for our customer.

Transfering "Cash-on-delivering" Money